We all know that a contract, when poorly written, can cause various disorders for the contractors. When drawing up a contract, it is extremely important to have expert legal knowledge, because only then you will have their rights guaranteed. 

The work of the FRANCÊ Lawyers in contract area are directed to any person or company that needs contracts. With active participation in the drafting, implementation and management of contracts, we can help you manage your internal and external obligations, control contractual commitments and implement best practices to their business. 

Our legal staff includes specialists with extensive knowledge in the area, especially in technical development and contract analysis, focusing on protecting the interests of clients and the legal validity of the contractual instrument. 

In addition to legal advice and legal consulting in any activity of a contractual nature, our experience in the sphere of contract covers the following activities: 

  • Preparation, negotiation and legal assistance in contracts of sale, lease, service, mutual, deposit, lending, agency, sales representation, distribution, transportation, brokering license agreement, copyright assignment, assumption of obligations , Confession of debt and other instruments of the nature civil or commercial;
  • Analysis and formalization of real and personal guarantees, such as bail, surety, pledge, mortgage, chattel mortgage and leasing;
  • Analysis and evaluation of risks and responsibilities for contractual and non-contractual and moral damages;
  • Analysis of aspects of consumer law in contracts and commercial transactions, as well as in electronic transactions (Internet);
  • Analysis, planning and supervision of the legal aspects of recalls, advertising campaigns and marketing strategies;
  • Litigations and administrative proceedings to the organs of Brazilian consumer protection;
  • Monitoring the signing of Terms of Adjustment of Conduct to the relevant authorities;
  • Development of policies and preventive strategies for business.



Our collection services are targeted to you or your company. See the places where we can work for you.We offer through our web site, in our restricted area, periodic reports of all stages of recovery, either judicial or extrajudicial. With this goal, we provide login and password for access of the our clients in a restricted area on our website. 


You or your company are having to hire a law firm in São Paulo - Brazil? Our law firm is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and we operate in fields of Public Law and Private Law. Learn more about our law firm and contact us

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