The law firm FRANCÊ Lawyers works long ago with getting certificates. For this reason, we specialize in obtaining various types of certificates for the most diverse purposes. We know all the legal channels to obtain in the shortest time.

Promissory Notes: History and Requirements

The first records of Promissory Notes take us back to the Middle Ages, a time when bills of exchange appeared, which were used in commercial transactions. The promissory note has the same effectiveness as a court sentence, handed down during a process. Know everything.

Problems with checks? See what to do

After the end of the year, it is normal for many people to try to settle their debts and clear their names, to restore their credit with the market. For this reason, we have prepared this article for account holders and check holders who wish to pay their debts and for those who have receivables. Follow along.


We all know that a contract, when poorly written, can cause various disorders for the contractors. When drawing up a contract, it is extremely important to have expert legal knowledge, because only then you will have their rights guaranteed.