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Due to our privileged location, we have easy access to the main public offices in the city of São Paulo and nearby areas. Our professionals work on demands involving the branches of Public, Private and Administrative Law. Know more.

Our privileged location in the city of São Paulo - SP, allows us easy access to all roads that lead to forums and public offices in the city and nearby areas.

We are located between the North and West Zones of the city of São Paulo, next to the regional forums of Freguesia do Ó, Santana and Lapa. Furthermore, we have easy access to other regional forums in the city, in addition to the João Mendes Jr Central Forum.

Our ease of access also allows us to quickly travel to adjacent districts, such as:

  • Barueri;
  • Bertioga;
  • Caieiras;
  • Cajamar;
  • Campinas;
  • Cubatão;
  • Diadema;
  • Guarujá;
  • Guarulhos;
  • Itanhaém;
  • Mairiporã;
  • Mauá;
  • Mogi das Cruzes;
  • Mongaguá;
  • Osasco;
  • Peruíbe;
  • Poá;
  • Santo André;
  • Santos;
  • São Bernardo do Campo;
  • São Caetano do Sul;
  • São Vicente;
  • Ubatuba; e
  • For verification of services in other locations, contact us.

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