Collection Services

We, of the law firm FRANCÊ Lawyers, have the services for the recovery of credit as one of our main activities. Our efforts are focused on credit recovery through the judicial and extrajudicial collection.

Within these activities, our goal is to find practical solutions and objective for portfolios of collection of the our customers and deliver strategically advantageous agreements and fast in the shortest possible time.

No matter if you're collecting or being collected: Our services are intended to creditors and debtors. We use an approach of negotiation between the parties in order to reach a common denominator, trying always to avoid the courts.

For this reason, we divided our work in this area into two categories: Judicial and Extrajudicial Collection, namely:

Extrajudicial Collection:

We seek negotiations fast and efficient, ensuring profits to the lender and a good deal for the debtor, with low cost and high rate of return.

With creative solutions and not expensive, the debtor can pay off their debts and have your name remain clean again. Likewise, the lender gets your credit, settles pending issues and is satisfied.

Judicial Collection:

Even if our work is satisfactory during the Extrajudicial Collection, some negotiations may remain unsuccessful. For these cases, we suggest the Judicial Collection, with taking the necessary measures to defend the interests of our customers.

With own legal staff with many years experience in debt recovery, during the various stages of the process offer opportunities to renegotiate the debt to the debtor, fact which increases significantly the likelihood of celebration a legal agreement for the payment of debt in dispute.

We also work with cases in which recovery of the debt is notoriously difficult and that dispense Extrajudicial Collection. For these cases we take the necessary administrative measures, such as notifications, and entered with the appropriate legal remedy to recover the credit.


Our collection services are targeted to you or your company. See the places where we can work for you.We offer through our web site, in our restricted area, periodic reports of all stages of recovery, either judicial or extrajudicial. With this goal, we provide login and password for access of the our clients in a restricted area on our website.


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