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Two decades of services provided. Founded in 2004, the law firm FRANCÊ Advogados will complete twenty years of existence this year, always aiming to combine the experience of lawyers with years of experience in different areas of Law with the enthusiasm of young professionals, always maintaining a commitment to quality, seriousness and total discretion in the provision of legal services. Know more.

The law firm FRANCÊ Advogados (FA) arose from the need to fill gaps in the legal market and is the result of the union of lawyers with years of experience in renowned law firms, with experience in the most diverse areas of Law.

Due to the needs of our clients and the speed of change in the modern legal world, our legal team is constantly recycling, seeking new knowledge and practical solutions to everyday problems, both for individuals and legal entities.

We strive for the quality of the work developed, linking technique to the needs for quick responses in a globalized market. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our clients and to this end, we use the most modern electronic technology at the service of the Law.

We are a modern Private Law and Business Legal Consulting firm, working for individuals and legal entities in work and demands covered by Public, Private and Administrative Law, which allows us to present proposals and solutions in an agile and competent manner.

Discover our Practice Areas, our Charter of Values, and our Coverage Area. Read our Terms and Conditions. To talk about advertising, our Monthly Newsletters or the website, use the Contact Us page and select the "Administration" option.

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