Practice Areas

The work of the FRANCÊ Lawyers are directed to you or your company, noting the applicability of individual cases to our practice areas.

Our professionals operate in work and demands involving the branches of Public Law, Private and Administrative, which enables us to fulfill court proceedings and / or administrative.

We also work in search of information for the Legal Audits (Due Diligence).

We often form partnerships with law firms located in other counties, providing them with support services in several areas.

Our clients Individuals have our special attention and we clarify that we have effective methods of hiring, seeking, always, an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Check out in the menus a list containing all areas of law in which we are currently involved and in pages a brief description of our activities.

Click on the area you want information, access the desired information and, if in doubt, use the form available on our contact area to contact us.

See also the legal work that we perform for you and for your company.



You or your company are having to hire a law firm in São Paulo - Brazil? Our law firm is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and we operate in fields of Public Law and Private Law. Learn more about our law firm and contact us.

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