Support Services

The Support Services of office FRANCÊ Lawyers are up to provide support to colleagues assessorial lawyers, enabling them to overcome obstacles encountered during the course of their due process. 

Our professionals work in demands involving the branches of Public Law, Private and Administration, which makes us able to meet court proceedings and / or administrative. 

Remember that all our services are conducted in São Paulo, SP - Brazil. For more information, see the relationship of our area of coverage here

Usually, we provide the following services:

  • Distribution of initial application and rogatory letter;
  • Survey and examination of processes for due diligence;
  • Monitoring of judicial and administrative proceedings;
  • Research and survey of property and location of persons;
  • Monitoring and conduct of hearings;
  • Load of process and petition forwarding with judges;
  • Certificate attainment in general,and reprographic copies;
  • Registration papers and documents of various kinds;
  • Payment of fees and administrative costs;
  • Attach memorials directly in the Classes of Trial;
  • Obtain letters rogatory, permits, and orders;
  • Requests for streamlining and Preference Trials;
  • Contact and follow up with formal justice;
  • Representations to the administrative bodies (INSS, Municipal, etc.);
  • Monitoring of officers of justice in restorations of possession;
  • Other legal and/or administrative services that may be needed.

By imposing the activities practice in the office FRANCÊ Lawyers we specialize in obtaining certificates and met all legal procedures to obtain in the shortest time. To learn more about Certificates, click here


You or your company are having to hire a law firm in São Paulo - Brazil? Our law firm is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and we operate in fields of Public Law and Private Law. Learn more about our law firm and contact us

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