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Our individual customers have our special attention. We value the quality of the work done by connecting the technical needs for quick answers to a global market. Learn what types of legal work we can perform to you.

Currently we are involved in the following areas of law:

Right of Retirement

Application for revision of pension and benefits;

Labor Law

Labor Complaints and resources in the first, second and higher instances;

Administrative Law

Planning and defense of clients before the organs of government, as Procon, Inmetro, IPEM, Detran, among others;

Civil Law

Possessory rights, property, contracts of various kinds, civil liability (damages), friendly and judicial processes, judicial and extrajudicial notification, protest papers and documents, recovery of credit, among other activities;

Consumer Law

Complaints from the PROCON and specialized bodies, judicial and administrative actions, analysis and planning of contracts and procedures, monitoring of police stations specialized in investigations, among others, and


Obtaining Certificates of various natures. See our area of Certificates to know what we can do for you by clicking here.



You or your company are having to hire a law firm in São Paulo - Brazil? Our law firm is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and we operate in fields of Public Law and Private Law. Learn more about our law firm and contact us.

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