• Practice Areas
    Practice Areas
    Practice Areas: The work of the FRANCÊ Lawyers are directed to you or your company, noting the applicability of individual cases to our practice areas.
  • Support Services
    Support Services
    Support Services: The Support Services of office  FRANCÊ Lawyers are up to provide support to colleagues assessorial lawyers, enabling them to overcome obstacles encountered during the course of their due process.
  • Services For You
    Services For You
    Services For You: Possessory rights, property, contracts of various kinds, civil liability (damages), friendly and judicial processes, judicial and extrajudicial notification, protest papers and documents, recovery of credit, among other activities. 
  • Services for your company
    Services For Your Company
    Services For Your Company: Our professionals operate in demands involving the branches of Public Law, Private and Administration, which makes us able to meet court proceedings and / or administrative. We also work in search of information for the Business Audits (Due Diligence). 
  • Collection Services
    Collection Services
    Collection Services: We, of the law firm FRANCÊ Lawyers, have the services for the recovery of credit as one of our main activities. Our efforts are focused on credit recovery through the judicial and extrajudicial collection.

Looking for a lawyer in Brazil?

The question is: why hire a reliable and competent attorney at the time of closing a contract, or to defend a right that is deemed to have been injured? Surely you must already have passed or will pass by a situation that led him to hire a lawyer. Who ever asked a friend - you know a competent attorney? Many answered yes, then comes the second question - is it even good? It is confidence?


Negociação, Redação e Gestão de ContratosWe all know that a contract, when poorly written, can cause various disorders for the contractors. When drawing up a contract, it is extremely important to have expert legal knowledge, because only then you will have their rights guaranteed.